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What started out as a tech podcast, turned into so much more! Let’s talk about all the things that we normally don’t as Black people. You can see why we might need the cocktails. Join Maine, Laurel, and David as the dive into a multitude of topics that are important to the culture.

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Wednesday Dec 09, 2020

Elevate your destiny with this week's special guest Belinda Enoma! Tune in for the gems that are dropped on building confidence, and walking in your purpose. Excited to be back to doing interviews, and no better way to kick it off than with this interview here. Fair warning we had some video issues, but the audio quality is good and the gems are not lost!    Learn more about Belinda here:  

Wednesday Sep 30, 2020

This episode I continue the Implementer Series with a conversation with Alisha Scott as we talk about her career in Identity and Access Management.    Meet Alisha: Alisha Scott has developed some of the largest and most secure Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions for nearly a decade. Directly from college, Alisha was selected into a government program to rapidly grow new identity solutions engineers and placed into a highly complex customer implementation pushing the products and standards to new lengths.  Throughout this program, Alisha made a significant impact on the project and continued growing her knowledge base. Over the last seven years, Alisha has led the creation of many successful governance systems for both the government and commercial sectors, including those for Capital One and the Department of Homeland Security. Utilizing her undergraduate Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Virginia, coupled with her Masters of Science degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, she has championed not only development best practices but additionally brought code management and automation into the Identity and Access Management world. In her spare time, she loves to expand her knowledge of IAM systems, including SailPoint's IdentityIQ and SecurityIQ and ForgeRock's Identity Management platform. Alisha is a certified SailPoint IdentityIQ Engineer and works at UberEther Inc. as an Identity Architect.

Wednesday Sep 23, 2020

This episode I sit down with Darran Rolls and discuss the state of identity, our first encounter, and the glorious invention that was SPML. We also talk about diversity and inclusion, and Darran gives some perspective from an executive level.  You can follow Darran on all the socials here:   About Darran: Mr. Darran Rolls has a long history in Identity Management and Security at companies ranging from Tivoli Systems - IBM, Waveset Technologies, Sun Microsystems and SailPoint Technologies. Over the past 20 plus years Mr. Rolls has helped design, build and deliver innovative, groundbreaking technology solutions that have defined and shaped the Identity and Access Management industry. For over 12 years, Darran was the Chief Technology Officer at SailPoint and he spent 4 years as the company’s Chief Information Security Officer, leading internal security and compliance through their successful IPO in late 2017. Today, Mr. Rolls is an independent advisor working with vendors, customers and the analyst community on designing and delivering the next generation of IAM solutions worldwide. Mr. Rolls has also been a frequent contributor to IAM standards at OASIS, the W3C and the IETF. He frequently speaks at industry events and to customers about IAM technologies and security solutions, offering a unique vendor In/Out perspective on designing, delivering and deploying an Identity-centric, Zero Trust oriented enterprise security architecture. In December of 2019 Darran co-authored one of the industry’s leading texts on using IAM technologies to enhance the prevention, detection and mitigation of cyber-attacks. “Identity Attack Vectors – Implementing an Effective Identity & Access Management Solution” is available from Amazon and leading technical book sellers at ISBN 13:978-1484251645.

Wednesday Sep 16, 2020

This episode continues the implementer series as I sit down with Brad Tumy to talk about what makes a good IAM implementer, all while sipping bourbon. That's right folks, the cocktails are back!     Meet Brad With nearly two decades of hands-on IT experience, Brad Tumy has significant experience with ForgeRock’s Open Source Identity and Access suite.  Also, one of the first independent consultants to achieve accreditation as a ForgeRock OpenAM Specialist. Additionally, Brad Tumy routinely speaks about Identity and Access Management at industry conferences. Brad Tumy has worked with a number of Federal agencies and commercial organizations architecting and deploying identity and access management systems.

Wednesday Sep 09, 2020

This episode kicks off the Implementer Series. Over the next couple of weeks, I sit down with different folks from in the identity industry and ask them what they think it takes to be a good IAM implementer, and also what it takes to have a successful IAM implementation. The series kicks off with a good friend of mine Mr. Jom John.   Meet Jom I've been in the Identity & Access Management Industry now for 15+ years.  A great deal has changed over the years but one constant that I've seen is the underestimation of what it takes to precisely deliver a robust IAM Program.  Make no mistake, it is a Program that requires dedicated resources from Human Resources, Platform Owners, Stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts, Security, and Compliance.   I started my career as a System Administrator performing the day to day grunt work of maintaining a Global IAM deployment with 250,000+ identities in over 73 countries. Since then I've worked with a variety of products in our industry (SailPoint, Oracle, Courion, IBM, RSA, Legacy Sun, NetIQ, Ping, CyberArk, etc...).  My responsibilities varied from architecture, design, coding, testing, and deploying these solutions.  By getting my hands dirty, I've been able to understand how these products resolve business challenges effectively.

Wednesday Sep 02, 2020

The power of community. This episode I sit down with Mr. Davin Jackson and we talk about what it's like being Black in the Cybersecurity field, burnout, and the "hacker" mentality.    Meet Davin Davin Jackson is a Father, Husband and United States Air Force Veteran. Professionally, he is an Application Security Architect, Penetration Tester, and Contributor at Alpha Cyber Security. Davin has over fourteen years of overall IT and Cyber Security experience working in government, banking, education, medical and fintech doing penetration tests, vulnerability assessments and consulting helping companies improve their security. He currently holds several certifications including his CISSP. However, he still considers himself to be a "noob" as a part of his plan to never stop learning.  Davin's goal is to share his experience and mentor people looking to start or further their cybersecurity and tech careers. He also wants to help families secure their homes and devices as well as teach the youth about the dangers of the internet.

Wednesday Aug 19, 2020

This episode I sit down with Michelle A. Tucker, VP Cybersecurity - Identity Governance for Huntington Bank. We talk about the hilarious story of how we met, the challenges of managing an identity governance program, and her take on diversity and inclusion within the tech field.    Meet Michelle: Michelle A. Tucker has worked in the Information Security and Risk Management field for over 20 years. Her ultimate goal is to create an environment where managing risk and providing the best customer service to her clients in meeting their security needs is a major focus. Her motto is: "Mitigating risk must be what we all strive for - this should be done whether it is to protect the company we work for or the clients we engage with."   Throughout her career, Michelle has been a key liaison between her internal clients within her organization and also as a front-facing contact to her line of business partners (internal to the firm or vendors). Michelle has worked in numerous capacities over the years working for major companies in Central Ohio. She has served as an IAM and Technology Manager, Technical Operations Lead, Information Security and Business Analyst, Technical Writer, Process Analyst/Coach, and Trainer to name a few.   With her diverse background based on her years spent working in Information Technology, Michelle has developed a keen interest in "getting to know" her environment. She is a dedicated and driven individual who seeks to learn about each assignment or role she embarks on so that she can be the best as an individual and share her knowledge with those around her. Whether it is teaching the teams that she has managed over the years or training new associates and clients, Michelle's wealth of knowledge helps to foster growth wherever she lands.   Michelle is a leader who believes in the strength and power of her team and is dedicated to helping foster growth within those who she is blessed to call “team.” She is also a mentor to colleagues within her organization and community. Her outreach stretches internally and. Externally as well. She holds a seat on two Boards, serves as Chairperson on various committees, and is dedicated to her religious community in many capacities as well.   One of her greatest roles in life is being a mother of two wonderful young ladies, Khye and Kiahna Tucker. Especially being a single mother, Michelle strives to provide a legacy of honesty, creativity, and growth for her daughters by being a living example for them.

Wednesday Aug 12, 2020

Conversation with Jonathan Edwards from SecureITSource about how organizations can look to monetize their Identity and Access Management deployments. Historically the identity industry has taken the "insurance" route when it comes to selling and maintaining identity solutions. Jonathan and I discuss ways in which we can start to think about identity differently, and how it can become a revenue generator for your business. This episode was sponsored by SecureITSource. If you're looking for a company that delivers IAM solutions and only IAM solutions, look no further than SecureITSource. Here's some info on our special guest:  Jonathan Edwards is Senior Director of IAM Strategy at SecureITsource. In his capacity, Jonathan is an advisor to his clients in developing sustainable long-term Identity Programs. Jonathan has over twenty years of experience in IT, with the majority of that time being an Identity engineer and architect, which has offered him the opportunity to work with many of the leading Identity solutions in the market. Living and working in four countries with different cultures and business standards, as well as practical experience of Identity success and failure, provide Jonathan with a unique perspective in approaching the Identity journey.  Overcoming challenges are a big part of Jonathan's life. From running ultramarathons to implementing complex Identity Programs, Jonathan finds the joy in what some might consider daunting or even impossible. With his recent eBook, "The IAM Maturity Model," and whitepaper, "Monetizing Identity," Jonathan attempts to change the conversation around Identity and help guide organizations in building a strong roadmap for their Identity future.   Link to the Monetizing Identity Whitepaper:    

Wednesday Aug 05, 2020

 Reunited and it feels so goooood! Special guest this episode is none other than the ever so talented Mike Kiser. I had the absolute pleasure of working with Mike on our previous podcast, and we catch up to talk about life, quarantine, and all the things:   About Mike Kiser: Mike Kiser is insecure. He has been this way since birth, despite holding a panoply of industry positions over the past 20 years—from Security Strategist to Security Analyst to Security Architect—that might imply otherwise. In spite of this, he has designed, directed, and advised on large-scale security deployments for a global clientele. He is currently in a long-term relationship with fine haberdashery, is a chronic chronoptimist (look it up), and delights in needlessly convoluted verbiage. He has been a speaker on topics ranging from identity governance to security analytics, network security, and various related privacy issues, and is the co-host of a podcast illuminating all things identity. Most recently, he was presenting current research at Black Hat and DEF CON. He warmly embraces the notion that security is more of a state of mind than a destination.   Identiverse 2020: 7:33 Internet and Data Usage: 14:30 The Color Blue and its history: 21:00 Zero Trust: 28:54    

Monday Aug 03, 2020

A live conversation about the issues of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. This isn't a new problem, yet we haven't made much progress. I take a brief look at the history of diversity and inclusion in the workspace. Some good reference material is linked below:


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