Wednesday Sep 28, 2022

What’s The Deal With Our Reparations?

Welcome to the Cocktails, Culture, and Conversations Podcast! On this episode of The C3 Podcast, David, Laurel, and Maine dig into the feasibility of African American descendants of slaves FINALLY getting reparations from the government. Are we STILL suffering from the impacts of these practices that were put in place in the 1860s? How has society adjusted since the implementation of the Civil Right’s Act of the 1960s? And why is the GOP so adamant about returning the power to impose governance back to the states? It may be much deeper than we’ve originally expected. The C3 Squad tackles all of this and more in the latest episode!



Highlights from the episode

  • Laurel kicks off the discussion by breaking down where the idea of black reparations came from, when the discussion was introduced to the government, and why we never really got our “40 Acres and a Mule”.    
  • David provides the importance of viewing how the agricultural independence that getting “40 Acres and a Mule” from the government would have bolstered the economic power of African Americans starting back in the 1800s. Where would we be economically today had that actually been done? 
  • Laurel questions the validity of the U.S. government actually following through on the promise of reparations or will they create additional obstacles to continue stifling the progress of black Americans?
  • The trio discusses exactly what they believe would be viable alternatives to just financial compensation being paid out to black families and how do we get white Americans to buy in to the idea of black families receiving compensation that they are excluded from.  



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