Wednesday Jul 20, 2022

Wealth disparity in America

Whatup C3 SQUAD!!! Welcome to Season Four of the Cockails, CULTURE, and Conversations podcast. We done change some things up around here! New title, same logo, new hosts, same energy, new topics!

After much planning and scheduling, we are EXCITED to launch this new format of the C3 Podcast. We welcome two new hosts: Maine ( Chief) Terry and Laurel ( L-Boogie) Berryman. ( Side note, don't really know if Laurel likes the nickname L-Boogie, but we'll see how that goes during the season.) You'll be hearing more about them in the coming days.

Also, we've reintroduced the cocktail portion of the podcast....kind of. Every episode, we'll have a cocktail associated with it, and we'll even show you how to make the cocktail of choice. Instructions brought to you by Minazja. Now I can't promise you the hosts will always have cocktails, but we'll try our best.

Ok without further ado, let's get to the new pod. This episode Maine Terry and I are talking about wealth disparity in America. This was an in-person podcast that Maine and I recorded in Greensboro, NC, and we had a ton of fun doing it.

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