Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

This constitution tho’

Welcome to the Cocktails, Culture, and Conversation Podcast! On this episode of The C3 Podcast, Laurel, David, and Maine reckon with the legacy of white supremacy imbedded in the U.S Constitution and how it has affected the Black community from its inception. Can we ever rise up and make a change under a government structured to negate BIPOC people? What would that change look like? 


Leading with historical context, the trio engage in a passionate discussion seeking to map out the ways in which the Constitution authorizes the direct oppression and suppression of marginalized communities and imagine solutions for a better future that is inclusive of all people.



Highlights from the episode

  • David introduces the C3 Squad to our new host, Ms. Laurel Berryman who came out the gates firing as she inquired about everyone’s earliest memories of learning about the U.S. Constitution.    
  • The trio discusses the necessity of the U.S. Constitution’s framework despite its original design lacking representation for minorities and women. 
  • Maine juxtaposes the role of his military service’s requirement to support and defend the constitution with the progressive need to improve and update the originating document and the trio dissect the situations that lead to civil war.
  • Finally, Laurel leads a passionate conversation that touches on the nation’s ability to break itself away from the inherent flaws of the constitution and what it would take to completely overhaul the laws and policies that founded our country.  

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