Wednesday Aug 31, 2022

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Let’s Talk About Sex…Baby

Welcome to the Cocktails, Culture, and Conversations Podcast! On this episode of The C3 Podcast, Maine, David, and Laurel tackle the sexualization of media in pop culture and discuss how it has affected the development of young black children. Are black kids exposed to sexual images too early in their formative development? How does society respond to sexually explicit stimulation and what impacts does that have on cultural interactions regarding black kids? How do we identify problem areas and what can we do to solve it? The C3 Squad discusses all of this and more in the latest episode.


Leading with historical context, the trio engage in a passionate discussion seeking to map out the ways in which the Constitution authorizes the direct oppression and suppression of marginalized communities and imagine solutions for a better future that is inclusive of all people.



Highlights from the episode

  • Maine kicks off this week’s episode by defining two key terms for the discussion; what is “Sexualization” verses what is “Sex Positivity” and how these key definitions can often be misappropriated in pop culture.    
  • The trio discuss the different areas in media in which sexualized imagery is being targeted to younger audiences and what impacts these have on developing minds, emotional maturity, and realistic expectations of relationships. 
  • David describes the psychological connections that people are making based on unrealistic sexual images and the importance of understanding the differences between realistic sexual interactions and constructed sexual interactions for media.
  • Laurel brings the conversation into the realm of understanding women’s bodily autonomy and ponders the ways that parents should bring sexual discussions to the table with their children.  



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