Wednesday Oct 19, 2022

Is the State of Black Relationships Safe?

Is the State of Black Relationships Safe?


Welcome to the Cocktails, Culture, and Conversations Podcast! On this episode of The C3 Podcast, Maine and David examine the state of black relationships and love. Fresh off the heels of the relationship scandal that highlighted the partnership between Actress Nia Long and Ime Udoka of the Boston Celtics coaching staff, Maine poses the question to David, “What does it take to build a successful relationship in the black community?” Do men and women communicate their intentions before entering into a relationship? Are “situationships” becoming the norm and is it deteriorating the idea of black relationships? 



Highlights from the episode

  • David recalls his history of experiencing relationships and growing up to understand what mutually respectful relationships are supposed to look like.    
  • Maine discusses the invention of the “situationship” and the failures of engaging in relationships that lack effective communication 
  • David talks about having his eyes opened to the potential of polygamous/polyamorous relationships and the value of being happy in a relationship that works for all partners involved!
  • Maine examines the historic insistence on having leadership dynamics in a relationship. This leads to a discussion regarding Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages which helps people understand how they both give and receive affection in relationships and Personality Plus 


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