Wednesday May 04, 2022

Conversation with Phillip ( ChangeAgent) Cooper

This episode of the C3 podcast ChangeAgent Phillip Cooper stops by the pod to talk about his passion for helping citizens re enter the world after incarceration. We talk about the services his organization offers to those coming home, and why he is so passionate about making sure they have someone there to help them. 


Meet Change Agent Cooper

Philip Cooper is a Western North Carolina native that fell in love with the streets at a young age. While growing up in poverty, he identified the drug dealers as role models, as they were the ones that appeared to run a more lucrative business. While in the streets, he started using hard drugs which contradicted his career as a drug dealer and landed him years in prison for high level offenses. While in prison he completed self-help courses, rededicated his life to Christ, and was mentored by a man who had been in prison over 10 years. He is known for his statement, “prison saved my life.”


Upon release from prison, Philip immediately connected with the recovery community, which is where he found his love for counseling and peer mentoring. He became a peer mentor and worked as a case manager for 3 years before he transitioned into reentry services, serving as an advocate for returning citizens. Since then he has become a regional organizer and advocate for policy change. Philip has over 10 years of experience working with those that have barriers to employment and has committed his life to helping others “level up.” Philip says that he continues to reach back and help others because the only way to keep what he has is by giving it away.

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