Wednesday Apr 06, 2022

Conversation with Jon Logan. Financial systems, Bitcoin, and empowering the black community

This episode I welcome Jon Logan to the podcast and we dive into the details around finance. Monetary policy, banking deserts, and bitcoin are just a few topics we jump into as we both share a passion for finance and how it affects the black community. 


Meet Jon:

Jonathan D. Logan wants the economic system here in the USA and globally to be inclusive. The mission aimed at leveling the economic playing field so that all humanity can engage equitably is no easy task.Jonathan is a local civic leader in Queens NY where he works to make local government policy and

procedure to serve all its members more equitably. Jonathan has dedicated his professional life to protecting life and property in NYC with over 20 years in the Fire service. For Jonathan, BankBlackUSA and The COWRIE initiative (Cooperative Wealth Reinvestment And Empowerment Initiative) are a labor

of love and peace. The work he does within the organization is a natural extension of his personal and professional endeavors. The mission starts and is sustained wi

th education and truth telling. BankBlackUSA and the COWRIE

Initiative are laser beamed focused on providing resources, tools, education and data that narrate the story of how the legacy and current economic systems have explicitly worked to disenfranchise certain groups and empower others.



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