Wednesday Apr 13, 2022

Conversation with Chimere Brown. From Chem-E to techie, the power of networking, and the cocktails are back! ( Kind of).

Chimere Brown stops by the podcast and talks about her journey from being a career in chemical engineering to a career in tech. The ups the downs, and all the twist and turns in the middle. We also chat about the power of networking and Chimere shares her story of how a strong network lead her current place of work. And FINALLY we bring back the cocktails….kind of.. We’ve got wine, which I would argue is just as good! 


Meet Chimere:

Chimere S. Brown, PMP, MBA is a Senior Sales Programs Manager that hails from the “Windy City” of Chicago, IL. Chimere’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Chemical

Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA in Marketing and Operations from the University of Illinois at Urbana-

Champaign. Her professional career spans nearly a decade in both the technology and pharmaceutical industries

where she’s held a variety of roles such as Validation Specialist, Pre - sales Solutions Architect, Project Manager, and Sales Programs Manager. Additionally, she has worked for a number of Fortune 500

companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Oracle, CareerBuilder, and now Salesforce. Her most recent accomplishment was sp

earheading the sales programs business for Public Sector- EMEA

(Europe, the Middle East and Africa- Region) at Salesforce. She served the global team by producing

award-winning customer stories and sales support content that included films, presentations, social media, print, and digital case studies. Chimere’s work garnered recognition within Salesforce for being the Biggest Content Build FY22 Q2. Currently, she is applying the same innovation and creativity to the Public Sector-Federal/Civilian line of business.

In her spare time she serves as tutor at Erie House-Chicago READs Program. The literacy intervention program provides extra layers of after- school support to ensure that the children (1st - 3rd grade) develop

the reading skills that are critical to their success in the classroom and in life. Chimere is also an international traveler that has been to 20+ countries and counting.

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