Thursday Sep 15, 2022

Are we STILL in the Jim Crow Era?


Welcome to the Cocktails, Culture, and Conversations Podcast! On this episode of The C3 Podcast, Maine, Laurel, and David explore the legacy of the Jim Crow era practices imposed by the state governments throughout the country. Are we STILL suffering from the impacts of these practices that were put in place in the 1860s? How has society adjusted since the implementation of the Civil Right’s Act of the 1960s? And why is the GOP so adamant about returning the power to impose governance back to the states? It may be much deeper than we’ve originally expected. The C3 Squad tackles all of this and more in the latest episode!



Highlights from the episode

  • David breaks down the history and implementation of the Jim Crow era practices that were implemented following the abolition of slavery at the federal level. This led to the conservative desire to control governance at the state level and ushered in the violent opposition and formation of the Ku Klux Klan.    
  • The trio discusses the conniving ways that state governments and corporations have adapted the language in their local constitutions and company policies to appear to legally respect the intent of the Civil Right’s Act while continuing to target and exclude people of color. 
  • Laurel describes the unique instances of African Americans living in a society that expects forced assimilation and code switching in order to be accepted in roles that were never created for black people to thrive in.
  • Laurel poses the question, “How do we as a culture continue to advance forward despite the embedded obstacles of white supremacy continuing to stifle our upward mobility?” as Maine and David provide passionate opinion on how and why it is important to fight for more black representation in political and commercial leadership.  



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